Rubidium, Frequency Ref., 4210A


The ptf 4210A Rubidium Frequency Standard is a unique solution for providing a highly stable, low phase noise, frequency reference for applications requiring atomic reference stability performance.
The instrument contains a high performance rubidium module, with an extended life design, and very low aging rate, with high quality OCXO o/p for low phase noise.
For even better long term stability the unit will accept a 1PPS input that can be derived from a reference such as caesium or GPS.
An ideal laboratory or system frequency reference, which includes a range of options are available to enhance the functionality of the unit.

ptf 4210A

  • 10MHz Rubidium Frequency Reference
  • 100kHz Capability (with MOPS option)
  • 1PPS Disciplining Input (standard)
  • Ultra Low Phase Noise (-130dBc at 10Hz)
  • RS 232 Monitor/Control
  • Convenient 2U bench or 19″ rack mount
10MHz RF sine 13dBm(1Vrms) into 50 ohms
5MHz RF sine 13dBm(1V rms) into 50 ohms
1MHz RF sine 13dBm(1V rms) into 50 ohms
1s 2.00E-11
10s 1.00E-11
100s 2.00E-12
Connectors BNC
Alarm Output Summary alarm (9 pin ‘D’)
Indicators Power/Lock(Green LED) Alarm(Red LED)
Additive SSB Phase Noise (db/Hz)
Offset Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)
10Hz -130
100Hz -140
Spurious -130 (100kHz b/w)
Per month 5.00E-11
Per year 5.00E-10
At shipment 5.00E-11
Environmental and Physical
Temperature 0 to 50 deg C
Rel Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

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