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“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the products you need for your application to excel. ”
David Briggs

At Precise Time and Frequency we strive to offer our customers frequency reference and time standard synchronization solutions tailored to meeting performance requirements at minimum cost. Other products include NTP Servers, broadband amplifiers, RF distribution, 1PPS distribution, and fiber optic distribution. Since being founded in 2002 the Company has seen a number of changes, and Precise Time and Frequency, LLC is now a wholly owned subsidiary of LGL Group, Inc. This gives us the unique advantage of small company responsiveness, backed by the resources of a larger corporation.

Over the years, the company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of time and frequency instrumentation including frequency standards, time standards, and time code generators, complemented by a wide range of ancillary products such as RF distribution amplifiers, Digital distribution amplifiers, Time Code distribution amplifiers, and redundancy switches.

The company is housed in a well equipped, modern, facility and staffed by a small but highly dedicated and experienced team of time and frequency professionals. Although the company offers a wide range of standard instruments and options, , new requirements are enthusiastically embraced, resulting in an ever expanding capability.

Thousands of instruments have been delivered to a broad range of applications worldwide, from simple network time servers to synchronize local computers and instruments, to fully redundant and highly sophisticated Satellite Communications and Broadcast systems.

Military applications include synchronization of mobile Satcom terminals, high performance sources for calibration, a unique SAASM solution,and test equipment providing the ultimate in frequency stability and phase noise performance.

Precise Time and Frequency, LLC. Corporate Headquarters in Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA

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