Distribution, HF, 1202A


The ptf 1202A High Frequency Distribution amplifier provides high performance frequency references for laboratory or system use requiring distribution at frequencies of 30MHz and above.
The ptf 1202A is especially designed to distribute the high frequency input signal to 12 separate outputs, with minimum signal distortion and maximum isolation between individual output signals.
In most applications the phase noise capability of the ptf 1202A will outperform the input signal performance to such a degree that no additive phase noise will be noticeable on the outputs.
Isolation output to output is >85 dB and harmonics are <-80db

Distribution, HF, 1202A

  • Input Frequencies 30MHz to 400MHz
  • 12 High Frequency RF Outputs
  • Low Additive Phase Noise
  • Isolation (>85dB typical)
  • Low Cost Convenient 1U Package
RF Outputs (12)
Frequency Range 30MHz to 400MHz
Level 1V rms (13dBm)
Harmonic Distortion < -40 dB
Non-Harmonic Distortion < -80 dB
Isolation > 85dB
Connectors BNC
RF Input 30MHz to 400MHz, 1V rms
Alarm Output Summary alarm (9 pin ‘D’)
Indicators Power(Green LED) Alarm(Red LED)
Additive SSB Phase Noise (db/Hz)
Offset Ph. Noise(dBc)
1Hz -80
10Hz -105
100Hz -125
1000Hz -140
10kHz -155
Environmental and Physical
Temperature 0 to 50 deg C
Rel Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

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