Auto switches, ptf 1220A/26A

1220A/26A Auto Switches

The ptf 1220A (1U) and 1226A (2U) Auto Switch is purpose designed for time and frequency applications where reliability criteria call for redundant RF and Pulse sources. Based on the latest advances in semiconductor technology, the unit accepts two input pairs consisting of an RF (sine/square) signal and a pulse (typically 1 PPS). Both primary and backup input pairs are monitored for signal health, and if either the primary RF or pulse signals are determined faulty, the unit automatically switches to the backup channel within < 3msec (typical). In addition to providing for local control from the instrument front panel, the comprehensive communications package provides status reporting and instrument control on both RS232 and Ethernet interfaces with a variety of available protocols. Range setting on the pulse and frequency inputs allows fast detection of RF signals from 20MHz and pulse ranges from 0.1second to 2 seconds, Front panel indicators include RF and fault monitoring on each of the input channels, together with active channel indication and operating mode (auto/manual). The 1226A (2&U) utilizes quad-bloc cards for additonal RF and Pulse outputs (up to 24 total).

ptf 1220A/26A

  • Switches two RF/Pulse Pairs
  • Fast Switching time ( • Settable pulse and RF period
  • Settable “jitter” range
  • Remote Control/Monitor
  • SNMP, HTTP, Console, interfaces
  • Power fail “failsafe” operation

Switching Characteristics

Inputs(1xRF and 1xDigital) Outputs, up to a maximum of 24 (ptf 1226A)
Inputs are 1 x RF and 1 x Digital Outputs (ptf 1226A) can be any mix of RF or Digital, in blocks of 4 o/ps
Frequency 1MHz to 30MHz Frequency 1MHz to 30MHz
Amplitude 13dBm(1V rms)/50 ohms Amplitude 13dBm(1V rms)/50 ohms
Digital Digital
Frequency 1 PPS to 10 MPPS Frequency 1 PPS to 10 MPPS
Amplitude 5V TTL into 50 ohms Amplitude 5V TTL into 50 ohms
Switch Type Non-Latching Relay
Switching time <3ms
Indicators Controls
Power/Sum. Fault Green LED Auto/Manual Membrane switch
Channel Fault Red LED Channel Select Membrane switch
Manual Selected Red LED
Channel Selected Green LED
Power Supply Environmental
Input voltage 100 – 240 VAC Temperature: 0° to 55° C
Input power <10W Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1U(1220A) or 2U(1226A) x 19” x 16

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