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Rubidium, Frequency Ref., 4210A

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The ptf 4210A Rubidium Frequency Standard is a unique solution for providing a highly stable, low phase noise, frequency reference for applications requiring atomic reference stability performance.
The instrument contains a high performance rubidium module, with an extended life design, and very low aging rate, with high quality OCXO o/p for low phase noise.
For even better long term stability the unit will accept a 1PPS input that can be derived from a reference such as caesium or GPS.
An ideal laboratory or system frequency reference, which includes a range of options are available to enhance the functionality of the unit.

ptf 4210A

• 10MHz Rubidium Frequency Reference
• 100kHz Capability (with MOPS option)
• 1PPS Disciplining Input (standard)
• Ultra Low Phase Noise (-130dBc at 10Hz)
• RS 232 Monitor/Control
• Convenient 2U bench or 19″ rack mount

Electrical Additive SSB Phase Noise (db/Hz)
Outputs Offset Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)
10MHz RF sine 13dBm(1Vrms) into 50 ohms 10Hz -130
5MHz RF sine 13dBm(1V rms) into 50 ohms 100Hz -140
1MHz RF sine 13dBm(1V rms) into 50 ohms Spurious -130 (100kHz b/w)
Stability Aging
1s 2E-11 Per month 5E-11
10s 1E-11 Per year 5E-10
100s 2E-12 Accuracy
At shipment 5E-11
Connectors BNC Environmental and Physical
Alarm Output Summary alarm (9 pin 'D') Temperature 0 to 50 deg C
Indicators Power/Lock(Green LED) Alarm(Red LED) Rel Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
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