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Precision Measurement Module – 7510A

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7510A Precision Measurement Module

The ptf 7510A "PicoPak" is a compact precision Frequency Measurement System. The module uses a time interval measurement technique to log measurements to a data file, which can then be imported into an analysis program such as "Stable" to provide a detailed analysis of unit under test performance.

• Input Frequencies 5 to 15 MHz
• 10MHz Reference Signal
• Phase resolution 6.1 pico seconds at 10MHz
• Stability 5 pico seconds per degree Celsius
• Convenient USB connection
• Simultaneous operation of multiple modules

Signal Input Reference Input
Frequency 5 to 15 MHz Frequency 10MHz
Waveform sinusoidal Waveform sinusoidal
Level 0 to +10dBm Level 0 to +10dBm
Impedance 50 ohms Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR < 1.5:1 VSWR < 1.5:1
Resolution Noise
Phase 0.022 degrees at signal frequency 0.01s to >10,000 seconds < 3E-11/tau
Frequency 1E-11 at 1 second Floor < 1E-15
Power Connectors
Voltage +5VDC from USB Signals SMA (BNC adapter available)
Current < 100mA USB type B Male

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