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GPS/GNS Freq. and Time Ref., 3207A

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Frequency Reference GPS Frequency Reference NTP server Time code generator Count Down Time Code

Frequency Reference GPS Frequency Reference NTP server Time code generator Count Down Time Code

ptf 3207A

Frequency Reference GPS Frequency Reference NTP server Time code generator Count Down Time Code

The ptf 3207A GlobalTyme2 GNS Receiver introduces a new level of advanced capability from a second generation, based on the highly successful ptf 3203A and ptf 3204A GlobalTyme receivers.
The unit is both a frequency standard and a time standard and has been used as a precision frequency reference with low phase noise, in satellite communications applications around the world.
With its extraordinary stability and highly flexible approach, this unit provides numerous input source options, the latest updates in industry standard protocols, and comes ready to accept a Galileo receiver engine. Available in both 1U and 2U versions, the GlobalTyme 2 unit can be configured as a high performance frequency standard, comprehensive time standard, or both.
Frequency standard performance is application tailored with a range of local oscillator options including TCXO(standard), OCXO, Ultra Low noise oscillator, rubidium, and high performance rubidium. In standard configuration the GlobalTyme 2 is equipped with 10MHz (options to add 100kHz, 1MHz, and 5MHz), 1PPS and IRIG B(am) outputs. Additional options for selectable output clock frequencies are also available.
For timing, synchronization and time keeping, the unit provides optional NTP(v4), in addition to the standard 1PPS and IRIG B outputs. The 1PPS output is accurate within The optional 1PPS, IRIG, and 10MHz inputs offer system redundancy or simply alternative master reference inputs to gps or Galileo if desired.
For monitoring and control the unit houses both RS232 serial and 100/10 BaseT Ethernet (RJ 45) with various protocols suited to different user needs including Telnet, SNMP(optional) and a browser driven web interface.


• GNS Tracking: 34 parallel channels
• GPS, Glonass, QZSS, SBAS, (Beidou/Galileo Ready)
• Optional 2nd Receiver (GNS/Galileo)
• Optional Count down Time Code (-TC)
• Accuracy (1PPS): <20ns
• 100/10 Base T Ethernet
• NTP v4 (Optional )
• Monitor/ Control i/f
o Web Browser
o Telnet
o Serial
• Alarm indicator and output
• GNS antenna and cable included
• Available in 1U and 2U

Electrical Additive SSB Phase Noise (db/Hz)
GNS Sub system 26 Channel Offset Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)
Front Panel Display Vacuum Fluorescent 1Hz -94
10Hz -130
10MHz sine 1V rms (13dBm) 50 ohm 100Hz -155
1PPS/Digital 5V CMOS 50 ohm 1000Hz -162
Pulse Rates 1PPS,1PPM,1PHH, 1PPH 10kHz -162
Pulse Range 1Hz to 10MHz Accuracy
Time Code IRIG B(am) IEEE 1344 10MHz <2E-12(locked to GNS)
NASA 36(opt) NTP <10ms(typical)
IRIG A, E, G, H Stability
Harmonics < -40dB 1s <3E-11(OCXO) <2E-11(Rub)
Non-Harmonics < -80dB 10s <2E-11(OCXO) <9E-12(Rub)
100s <2E-11(OCXO) <1E-12(Rub)
Connectors BNC Environmental
Alarm Output Summary alarm (9 pin 'D') Temperature 0 to 50 deg C
Indicators Power/Lock(Green LED) Alarm(Red LED) Rel Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
For additional specifications, please download the data sheet (under documents tab)

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