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Distribution, Optical, 1208/9A

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The ptf 1208A (transmitter) and ptf 1209A (receiver) provide a convenient and simple way to transmit high quality RF signals over long distances, without the concerns associated with electrical interference and pick-up.
The ptf 1208A accepts an RF input in the range from 1kHz up to greater than 10MHz and provides a combination of 8 local, high isolation, RF distribution outputs and 4 optical transmission outputs for distances up to 2 kilometers.
The ptf 1209A accepts an optical input (transmitted from the ptf 1208A) and provides 12 local RF outputs, either digital (TTL into 50 ohms) or low noise sine wave signals driving 1V rms into 50 ohms (with the PLL option), or both.
These systems are especially designed to accommodate IRIG B DCLS, 1PPS and other RF signals in the range from 1kHz to 20MHz.
The modular construction allows for a variety of input/output configurations to provide a fully tailored application solution.

• Input Frequencies 900kHz to 50MHz
• Distribution of signals from 1kHz to 20MHz
• Transmission Distance >2 km · Highly flexible configuration of Transmitter and Receiver
• Simple to install and configure
• Input and output signal monitoring and alarms
• < -90 dBc channel to channel isolation
• Convenient 1U, 19? rack mount package

ptf 1208A Opticasl Transmitter ptf 1209A Optical Receiver
RF Input Optical Input
Frequency 1kHz to 20MHz Multimode 850nm
Level 1V rms (13dBm) Level -10dBm to -30dBm
Connector BNC Connector ST
RF Outputs (8) RF Outputs (12)
Frequency 1kHz to 20MHx Frequency 1kHz to 20MHx
Connectors BNC Connectors BNC
Isolation < -90dB Isolation < -90dB
Optical Outputs (4)
Wavelength 850nm(1310 SM opt.)
Modulation 1kHz to 20MHz
Connector ST
General Environmental
Alarm Output Summary alarm (9 pin 'D') Temperature 0 to 50 deg C
Indicators Power(Green LED) Alarm(Red LED) Rel Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
For additional specifications, please download the data sheet (under documents tab)

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ptf 1208/9A
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ptf 1208A
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ptf 1209A
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