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The ptf 1204A Digital Signal Distribution unit is a flexible platform used for distribution of various pulse formats (ex. 1 PPS, 1 PPM, 10 PPM, etc). The ptf 1204A will also distribute digital timing signals such as IRIG-B DCLS format. In order to cater for a wide range of input pulse frequencies, the ptf 1204A design utilizes a CPLD with jumper selectable alarm delays to
correctly alarm on the various pulse frequencies. The unit reproduces precision pulse input signals with the minimum of propagation delays.
The unit uses high speed signal buffering to distribute the input signal to 12 separate outputs and maintain the quality of the input signals


Building on the success of the 1204A Digital Distribution amplifier, the 1204A-MC is a flexible distribution platform suitable for various pulse formats enhanced with a full remote monitor and control interface. With the added monitor and control, a remote user can easily monitor status of each of the inputs/outputs of the unit on either RS232 or Ethernet with Telnet, web browser and SNMP interfaces. Optionally the unit can take two separate inputs into an input switch with either fully automatic or manual control.
For added flexibility, individual outputs can be enabled/disabled via remote control so that unused outputs are isolated from the alarm system. Input and output status is immediately evident from front panel indicators of each channel. Also auto/manual selection of the auto switched input is available from the front panel key pad. All outputs are provided on convenient BNC connectors. Outputs provide 5V TTL levels into a 50 ohm load.


• Compact Rack Mount 1U High Package
• Twelve Channel Output Distribution
• Daisy Chain For Additional Output
• Minimum Skew & Propagation Delay
• Pulse and IRIG DCLS


• Input Frequencies DC to 30MHz
• Suitable for 1PPS, IRIG DCLS etc.
• 12 Channel Output Distribution
• Low Skew and Propagation Delay
• Remote Monitoring of Input/Output Levels
• Remote Selection of Active Outputs
• Dual Input with Auto Switch Option
• Low Cost
• Convenient 1U, 19″ rack mount package

Digital Outputs (12)
Frequency Range 0Hz to 10MHz Rise Time <2ns
Level 5V TTL 50 ohm Ch-Ch Skew <2ns
Isolation > 90dB
Connectors BNC
Digital Input 0Hz to 10MHz, 5V TTL Environmental and Physical
Alarm Output Summary alarm (9 pin 'D') Temperature 0 to 50 deg C
Indicators Power(Green LED) Alarm(Red LED) Rel Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
1204A-MC Additional Specifications
Ethernet RJ 45 RS232 DB9 Selectable baud rates
Telnet SNMP
Web Browser
For additional specifications, please download the data sheet (under documents tab)

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ptf 1204A
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ptf 1204A-MC
Click on the data sheet download button to access the data sheet
Click on the manual download button to access the manual