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8000A Display Interface

The new ptf 8000 TCi Universal Time Code Interface represents a revolutionary new approach to displaying Date and Time information from traditional IRIG B time code or NTP network time protocol. This new approach eliminates the need for dedicated and expensive time and date displays and provides a universal IRIG B/NTP display interface that can be used with any standard HDMI Monitor or TV display. In addition the unit will accept “pseudo” IRIG B signals traditionally used for count down/up applications.

ptf 8000A

• Multiple Time Code inputs - IRIG B(am), B(DCLS), Pseudo IRIG (Countdown)
• Network Time Protocol (NTP) input
• 1PPS Output derived from IRIG B
• HDMI output will interface to any size HDMI monitor/TV
• Optional multi HDMI outputs
• Multiple Time Display Pages
• Parameter Setup Page
• Ethernet Port
• USB Ports
Front Panel
Input/Output Connections Indicators
Network 10/100 BaseT Ethernet RJ-45 Fault Amber LED
USB Keypad /Mouse 2 x type A Lock Green LED
 Time Code In(IRIG B) BNC Power Green LED
Inputs Outputs
IRIG B 123(AM) 3V p-p 3:1 mod.ratio HDMI x 1 HDMI x 4 (optional)
IRIG B 000(DCLS) Pulse width modulated TTL 1PPS 5V TTL, 25 micro second pw
Network Time Protocol NTP v4
Power Requirements 100 to 260V AC Relative Humidity
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1U x 17" x 6" (non-condensing) 0 to 95%
Operating Temp 0° to 50° C

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