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Auto switch, ptf 1207A

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1207A Multi Channel Auto Switch

With intense competition and subscribers demanding ever more from service providers, quality and availability of service have never been more critical to maintaining and
expanding your subscriber base.
To complement our range of our high quality frequency and timing references, Precise
Time and Frequency, Inc. has now introduced a new RF, Digital, and Time Code, Auto Switch / Distribution unit to insure you
deliver the performance and reliability your customers demand.
The ptf 1207A delivers up to eight channels of fully redundant, frequency and timing references to critical applications such as Satellite Communications, Broadcasting, WiMax and others, with NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE.
The unit accepts two inputs on each channel from separate sources (primary and backup), monitors the inputs for signal integrity, and outputs the primary signal with no degradation of the input.
If the primary input on any channel fails, the unit will automatically switch to the backup input and indicate a primary signal fault.
The unit will accept up to eight channels simultaneously and independently switch on each channel.The unit also includes full remote monitoring and control via RS232 and Ethernet interfaces.

ptf 1207A-AS

• Switches Multiple Signal Pairs
• Fast Switching time • Broadband range
• Latching switches
• Remote Monitor /Control
• Power fail “failsafe” operation

Inputs(Up to 8 channels, 2 i/ps per channel) Outputs(up to 8 channels, 1 o/p per channel)
Frequency 1MHz to 30MHz Frequency 1MHz to 30MHz
Amplitude 13dBm(1V rms)/50 ohms Amplitude 13dBm(1V rms)/50 ohms
Digital Digital
Frequency 0.01 PPS to 20 MPPS Frequency 0.01 PPS to 20 MPPS
Amplitude 5V TTL into 50 ohms Amplitude 5V TTL into 50 ohms
optional: optional:
RS 422 (DI42) Differential TTL i/p's RS 422 (DI42) Differential TTL i/p's
(Tri-Axial Connectors) (Tri-Axial Connectors)
Time Code Time Code
Modulation Freq. 1kHz to 1MHz Modulation Freq. 1kHz to 1MHz
Amplitude 3V pk-pk Amplitude 3V pk-pk
Modulation Ratio 3 : 1 Modulation Ratio 3 : 1
Switching Characteristics
Switch Type Latching Relay
Switching time <3ms
Indicators Controls
Power/Sum. Fault Green LED
Channel Fault Red LED
Manual Selected Red LED Auto/Manual Membrane switch
Channel Selected Green LED Channel Select Membrane switch
Power Supply Environmental
Input voltage 100 - 240 VAC Temperature: 0° to 55° C
Input power <10W Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD): 2U x 19” x 16"

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