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10ns to UTC, “Needle in a Haystack?”

What does 10ns Mean Anyway – 1 needle in an 18ft high Haystack!
ptf has just completed development work on a precision clock, synchronized to UTC with a precision of better than 10ns (one sigma standard deviation = 6.86 ns).
To put this into perspective we used an analogy developed by Justin Dolske, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, to compare the difficulty of finding one key out of all the possible variations in the 56-bit DES encryption key.
Dolske calculated that the probability was about the same as finding the proverbial needle in a 1 mile high haystack.
Using the same analogy, we have calculated that the accuracy of a 10 ns clock is approximately the same ratio to one second as finding a needle in an 18ft foot high haystack. Maybe not quite as challenging as the 56 bit DES example, but nevertheless still quite impressive!
To see how its done, download the paper.


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